Subscription Management

How to manage your subscription, enable add-ons, purchase storage and more!

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

Previous steps: Account Owner

As a System Administrator you can:

  • Change your Synergy edition (Business, Enterprise)

  • Add and remove add-ons

  • Increase and decrease staff licenses

  • View how many licenses are in use

  • Purchase additional storage

  • Add or update credit card information

To manage your subscription:

  1. Go to Organisation drop down > Subscription

  2. On this page, you can:

*New users* Starting paid subscription

Every account owner in Synergy will be required to add credit card details, whether on a monthly or annual billing cycle. In order to activate Synergy past a trial, you will need to add credit card details - if you are on anything other than monthly, you will not be charged until your account credit has depleted.

  • Click the "Start paid subscription button"

    or Edit > Start paid subscription


  • Select/confirm the product edition (Business, Enterprise) is correct

  • Check staff licenses are correct for your organisation

  • Add any additional storage if desired, and choose or check any add-ons are on or off, depending on whether or not you chose to use them during your trial

  • Click Calculate

  • Click Next

  • This is your chance to check everything is correct such as

    • License count

    • Add-ons

    • Storage

  • Add your credit card number, expiry and CVC

  • Click the Pay now button

Updating credit card details

  • Click either the green "Update credit card details" button

    Or you can click Edit > Update credit card details

  • Add your credit card number, expiry and CVC

  • Click save

Change product, users or storage

  • Click the green "Change product, users or storage" button

    Or click Edit > Change product, users or storage

  • Upgrade or downgrade your Product edition (If you go down an edition, you may lose features, consider this before making your change)

    • Click the Product drop down, and choose your selected product edition

  • Increase or decrease Staff licenses

    • Free-type the total you'd like to have, or use the up/down arrow beside the number to go up/down in increments of 1

  • Add, increase, decrease, or remove additional storage

    • Free-type a number (Gigabytes) of storage, or use the up/down arrow beside the number to go up/down in increments of 1

  • Enable or disable add-ons by ticking/unticking the Add-on name.
    Things to note:

    • You will be charged pro-rata amount for any Add-on you enable for the amount of time it is enabled.

    • Fieldbook is a per-user add-on and can be enabled for specific staff numbers.

      • You need to assign the Staff that need access to Fieldbook.

  • Click the green Calculate button at the bottom of the page to calculate the new total

  • Click Next

  • On the right-hand side, confirm all information is correct

  • Use your pre-registered card, or use a new card

  • Click Pay Now

You can come back to this page any time to add or remove the options above, or update your credit card details.


If you'd like to discuss or demo any of our add-ons, please reach out and this can be organised for you!

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