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This article explains how to manage subscription payments

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

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In Synergy you can view when your next payment of your Subscription is due. This can help you manage and forecast costs as a business, as current trial user or a V4 migration user, this is also where you will start a paid Subscription.

*New users* Starting paid subscription

Every account owner in Synergy will be required to add credit card details, whether on a monthly or annual billing cycle. In order to activate Synergy past a trial, you will need to add credit card details - if you are on anything other than monthly, you will not be charged until your account credit has depleted.

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Subscription

  2. Click the "Start paid subscription button"

    or Edit > Start paid subscription

  3. Select/confirm the product edition (Professional, Business, Enterprise) is correct

  4. Check staff licenses are correct for your organisation

  5. Add any additional storage if desired, and choose or check any add-ons are on or off, depending on whether or not you chose to use them during your trial

  6. Click Calculate

  7. Click Next

  8. This is your chance to check everything is correct such as

    • License count

    • Add-ons

    • Storage

  9. Add your credit card number, expiry and CVC

  10. Click the Pay now button

View subscription payments:

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Subscription.

  2. On this page you will see when the next due date is and the amount owing.
    See "under subscription details"


The date listed is the day it the payment will be automatically drawn from the account linked to Synergy.

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โ€‹Updating credit card details

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