What happens when payment fails?

What to do if your payment doesn't go through

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When a renewal cannot be processed - whether it be that the credit card has expired, or any other reason - Synergy will offer a grace period to ensure the organisation is still accessible.

Synergy will attempt to charge the credit card once a day during this time until payment can be made.

Synergy grace period

The grace period is 15 days from the date of failed renewal. All staff will still be able to use and access Synergy during this time while the payment is arranged.

If payment has not been made during the grace period, the organisation will expire and all staff will be locked out until payment is made.

Only system administrators can see that the organisation is in the grace period and they will also be notified via email.

Once the payment is made the next renewal is still due from the last renewal date, not the new payment date.

Common Issues & Things to Check

  • Your card has expired - Check the expiry date for your card.

  • Your card had been reported as stolen - Update the card information in Synergy.

  • Limit exceeded - If you've added additional add-ons, or users, the amount payable may be more this month. Check that the limit on your credit card allows the amount due on your next invoice.

  • The bank has rejected the payment attempt - Check with your bank as to why this has occurred.

  • Our payment gateway is down - We use Stripe to collect payment, sometimes the payment gateway can be down. Stripe will re-attempt payment.

Stripe will reattempt payment in 3 days, if you've checked all of the above and after 3 days, the payment has still been unsuccessful, please contact support via the Chat widget in Synergy with the error you're getting and we will investigate this for you.

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