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Changing the project number
Changing the project number

How to change a project number

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Change the project number

After a project has been created you can edit the project number if required.

The project number is made up of three parts; a prefix, a unique number, and a suffix. The combination of the three parts makes a unique number for the project which can be searched for in Synergy, and shown on project documents and reports.

Edit the project number by:

  1. Open the project.

  2. Select the edit button in the top right corner.

  3. Select the edit button next to the project number.

  4. Update the project number by optionally editing any of these fields:

    • Prefix - Select a prefix from the drop-down list. Learn more about setting option project prefixes.

    • Number - use the 'refresh' button to select the next available number in the sequence for the prefix. You can also type over the number shown in the field if you know what number you want to use. The number cannot have been used on an existing project using the selected prefix.

    • Suffix - type the letters or numbers required to be the project number suffix.

  5. Save.


  • Project number combination must be unique, This means the same prefix, number, and suffix cannot be used on more than one project.

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