Project numbering options
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Each project created in Synergy is automatically assigned a unique project number. The project numbers are made up of three parts:

  • Prefix - letters or numbers used to group together similar types of projects.

  • Number - the unique string of numbers for that prefix.

  • Suffix - optional extra part that allows you to create part 2 or 3 as a branch from the initial project.

When creating a new project, a project number is assigned automatically using the default project numbering option. This is a prefix and the next available number in the sequence.

To apply for a non-default number then click the 'custom project number' button in the 'add more detail' panel of the new project page. This will show the custom project number area where you can select a prefix, manually enter a project number, and optionally enter an extra project suffix. An example of this is shown below.

The default project number set up for a new Synergy organisation is:

  • Prefix - yyyy - which will add in this year's number as the prefix.

  • Number - a unique set of four digits.

This creates a project number that looks something like 20160056.

Add your own custom project number option in Settings > Organisation settings> Project numbers.

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