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An overview of the contact projects tab

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From the contact details page, you can see a list of all the projects a contact is attached to by going to the Contact Menu > Projects:

This information is available for company, individual, and personnel contacts. Contacts that are listed as a project contact can be included in project communications like document portal sharing, transmittals, document template outputs etc.


From the contact project tab you can create a new project. Projects created from this page will automatically set the contact as the primary contact of the newly created project.

To add a new project from the contact project list:

  1. Click Add at the top right of the list

  2. Select new project from the options displayed

Row options

From the list you can navigate to the project. Click on the edit icon on the project row, and select the page you want to go to. The options available will be; Details, Project contacts, Invoices, or Documents.

Searching and filtering

If your contact is involved with a large number of projects, you can filter or search the list to narrow it down.


Search by clicking the search icon at the top right and typing the keyword into the search box.


Filter the list by clicking the search icon at the top right, then selecting the filters you want from the drop down lists, and then click Search.

The filters available are project status type or contact status on the project:

Tip: Return to the default view by clicking the clear button in the search bar.

Columns available

On the list there are a number of columns that show details about the projects.

Name: The name of the project from the project details tab.

Personnel: The personnel that is attached to the project. If this is a company or individual contact, it will display the personnel of that contact that is on the project.

Number: The project number.

Status: The current status of the project

Role: The role that has been assigned to this contact on the project contacts list.

The contact project tab is an easy way to see all the projects that a specific contact is involved with.

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