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Personnel are individuals or staff that work for a company or individual type contact. Enter the personnel's direct contact information such as phone and address details. Use the personnel details in projects, reports, and document outputs.

Setup required before use

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Assistant project manager

Project manager

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Open Contact > Personnel tab

What is the contact personnel tab?

View a list of the staff that work at the company or individual type contact. Add extra personnel for each staff member that you deal with that works at the company contacts.

The personnel records are created to store the address, and direct phone number and email address details. Social account details like Skype user name, twitter handle, or linked in address can be added to personnel. The information added can be seen in projects, and shown using bookmarks in documents and emails and reports.

Add tags to the record to include extra information such as if they are included in your marketing campaigns, or add extra details about their job position within the company.

Why use the contact personnel tab?

See which personnel work at each company or individual contact. Use the personnel details entered in projects, reports, and documents.

Actions available

Create personnel records and link them to contact records to include them on projects, and display their details on document outputs or reports.

  1. Click the Add button in the top right corner.

  2. Select the title. e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss.

  3. Type the first name.

  4. Type the last name (surname or family name).

  5. Select the main role this person will perform on projects.

  6. Type the job title (position name).

  7. Select the parent contact (company or individual type contact) that this person works for from the list.

  8. (Optional) Add contact details such as phone numbers, addresses, email accounts, and social accounts.

  9. Save or click the arrow and choose 'save and add personnel' to add another record.

Click the row action button and select to open the personnel type contact record directly to one of these tab:

  1. Details - a read-only view for the general personnel details.

  2. Edit - an update view for the general personnel details.

  3. Projects - the projects where this personnel is listed on the project contacts tab as part of the team.

  4. Bills - all expenses (bills) where the personnel is listed as having provided the goods or services for the expense.

Tip: The same tabs are available in breadcrumbs link in the toolbar within an open personnel record.

Each new personnel record created defaults to use the 'active' status, which allows the record to be used on projects, invoices, and expenses (bills). Change the personnel status to 'on-hold' to stop the record being attached to any future records created in Synergy, or use the 'inactive' status to stop record creation and remove the personnel from drop down lists.

  1. Check the box for each personnel record to apply the status update to.

  2. Click the multi rows action button and select The 'set as not active' option to change the status to inactive. The 'set as active' option to change the status to active.

  3. The personnel tab is updated to only show the 'active' records.


  • Custom contact status options can also be added to control the personnel contact actions in synergy. *This feature is available with the Synergy Business or Enterprise products.*

  • Changing the status to 'on-hold' is only available in the edit contact or personnel view.

  • Use the search and filter options to see 'all' personnel records in the tab.

A personnel record can be deleted if they have not been attached to any invoices or projects. Delete a personnel record by:

  1. Locate the personnel record you want to delete and check the box on the left for the row.

  2. Check the box for each personnel record you want to delete.

  3. Click the multi rows action button and select 'delete'.

  4. Click 'delete' on the confirmation pop-up.

  5. The personnel record(s) have been deleted.

Tip: If you cannot delete a personnel record then change the personnel status to 'inactive', and the personnel record will not be shown drop down lists.



When a large number of items exist use the search or filter options to limit the number of rows shown in the list.

Search by clicking the search button and typing the keyword into the search box. To return to seeing all items in the list click the clear button in the search bar.

Tip: Learn more about searching with the list search or the global search.


Filter the list by selecting the search button. See the available filters by clicking the word 'active'. Select a filter from the drop down list and click the search button to apply the filter. The filter options are:

  • Active - the default list filter that shows the items that can be used (seen in drop down lists).

  • Inactive - see the items that can no longer be used, and are only shown when still linked to existing records.

  • All - see both active and inactive items in the list.

Tip: Return to the default view by choosing the clear button in the search bar.

Columns available

  1. Name The first and last name of the personnel contact are shown.

  2. Type The contact type is shown. This is personnel for all records on this tab.

  3. Roles Any roles assigned to the personnel record are shown. Roles can be assigned to the personnel record, or are attached automatically when the personnel is attached to a project and a new role is applied.

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