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Contact personnel tab overview
Contact personnel tab overview
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What is the contact personnel tab?

View a list of the staff that work at the company or individual type contact. Add extra personnel for each staff member that you deal with that works at the company contacts.

The personnel records are created to store the address, and direct phone number and email address details. Social account details like Skype user name, twitter handle, or linked in address can be added to personnel. The information added can be seen in projects, and shown using bookmarks in documents and emails and reports.

Add tags to the record to include extra information such as if they are included in your marketing campaigns, or add extra details about their job position within the company.

Why use the contact personnel tab?

See which personnel work at each company or individual contact. Use the personnel details entered in projects, reports, and documents.

Who can see the contact personnel tab?

Personnel are individuals or staff that work for a company or individual type contact. Enter the personnel's direct contact information such as phone and address details. Use the personnel details in projects, reports, and document outputs.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?


Assistant Project Manager

Project Manager

Director Access

Assistant administrator

System Administrator

Open Contact > Personnel tab

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