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Contact details overview
Contact details overview
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What are the contact details?

Setup a contact record for each company, client, individual, and supplier that you deal with. Create company contact records if the contact is a registered business and employees staff. The staff that work at the company are entered in Synergy as a personnel record. Setup individual type contact records to store the details of a person or client that you deal with that is not a registered business.

Contact tabs available are:

Track all the details about a contact using the tabs. Click contact name in the toolbar breadcrumbs (top left) and select which open a contact tab:

  1. Details - a default read-only view shown when an item is clicked on in the list that displays the general contact details.

  2. Edit - an updated view that allows the general contact details to be changed.

  3. Personnel - maintain a list of the staff who work at a company contact.

  4. Projects - the projects where this contact is listed on the project contacts tab as part of the team.

  5. Invoices - all invoices where the contact is listed in the address to, c/o, or attention to fields.

  6. Bills - all expenses (bills) where the contact is listed as having provided the goods or services for the expense.

  7. Documents - view any saved emails, documents, images, statements for each contact.

  8. Notes - add notes to track details told to the client during meetings, phone calls, debt collection etc.

  9. Audit - track what changes have been made to a contact record, by who, and when the change was made.

Tip: The same tabs are available in all three contact types - company, individual and personnel.

Why use the contact detail tabs?

Record every company, client, or supplier that you deal with. Use the details in projects, reports, and document portals.

Who can see the contact detail tabs?

Setup the contact company or individual type contact by entering the phone number and address information. Next, add personnel to the company contacts to show which staff you deal with regularly at the company. Use the contact details on projects, invoices, documents and more. Learn about each of the tabs shown in the contact, and what actions are available inside each contact record.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?


Assistant project manager

Project manager

Director access

Assistant system administrator

System administrator

Open Contact > Details tab

Open Contact > Edit tab

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