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How to share project documents (Project Portal)
How to share project documents (Project Portal)

Learn how to share project documents using the Portal and transmittals.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users

Sharing Project Documents with internal and external stakeholders is made simple using our Synergy Portal, keeping everything in one simple location per project.

Navigating to the project documents

Within the project you have documents you wish to share, go to your Document Register.

To get to your document register you can either:
Click the Project drop down > Project Information > Document Register

OR Click the stats bar "## Project Documents"

Sharing a project document via the Portal

  1. From the list on the left-hand side Folder list, select the folder that has the documents you want to share.

  2. Select each document you want to share by checking the box

  3. At the bottom of the page, click the down arrow and choose "Share"

  4. A panel will appear listing all of the selected documents - check this is correct and click "Share with" - click the red x to remove anything you have accidentally selected.

  5. Select from one of the Share options and fill in the details:

    • Informal Chat

      • Subject

      • Message

      • Contacts & Staff

    • Transmittal *Business & Enterprise only*

      • Reason

      • Delivered by (can select multiple)

      • Subject

      • Message

      • Contacts & Staff

      • Privacy required is optional and unchecked by default.

  6. Click Share.

  7. The contacts & staff that you selected in Step 5 will receive an email notifying them of these documents being shared with them in the portal with a link to get there.

Now that you've shared these documents, your selected project Contacts & Staff will have access to these files via the Synergy Portal and can access them throughout the life of this project.


  • You can select all documents on the page by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the page.

  • You can show more items per page by changing the default "10 Rows" to another option at the bottom of the page.

  • If you are unable to find a specific contact or staff member:

    Ensure you have added the contact or staff to the Project Contacts.

  • If you want to prompt the contact/staff you previously shared documents with that there is an update to the document:
    Use the edit pencil near any document on the list, and select "Re-send share email".

  • Can I see if the document has been downloaded?

    Yes! Click the edit pencil near the document you want to check in on, click "Manage Shares" - this will show you when it was shared, who it was shared by, who it was shared with, how it was shared, and the downloaded date.

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