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Creating Project Documents from a template
Creating Project Documents from a template

Learn how to create project documents for a specific project, using your document templates.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All user levels.

Previous steps: Project documents.

You can create a Project Document from the templates you've set up in the Document Templates page of Synergy. Any information you would like to see on your Project Document is best set up in the initial template to save you time, however you can always add additional information to the Project Document once it has been generated.

The steps below will take you through how to create a Project document in a project:

  1. Within the Project, go to the Project menu > Project Information > Document register.

  2. Select the 'Create' button in the top right corner.

  3. This gives you the option of a Proposal document, Project document, and Project letter - choose which document type you'd like to create.

  4. Fill in all required fields, and select which document template to use for this document.

    • Note: Only the document's template type will be an option, you can't use a Proposal template for a Project document, for example.

  5. Confirm the project folder that the file will be saved to.

  6. The project document will be address to one of the 'project contacts'. Change this to a different contact name and address if required.

  7. Click 'finish' to create the word document.

  8. Open the project document and edit the output as required if in Word output.

  9. Save the updated copy of the Word document back to the project folder.

  10. Send the project document to the contact after any internal approvals required have been completed.


  • Document templates are configured by the System Administrator.

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