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Deleting projects checklist
Deleting projects checklist

Steps to follow before you delete a project

Updated over a week ago

Warning: This is not reversible. Once deleted, the project cannot be recovered.


  • All transactions are removed

  • All documents have been downloaded

  • All invoices, office expenses and bills have been removed.

When the above criteria have been met, to delete a project, please do the following:

  1. Go to your project 'Detail' page

  2. Click the edit/pencil icon in line with the project status.

  3. Change the project and all stages attached to 'Proposal' status.

  4. Save

  5. In the project detail stage, go to '...' next to the 'Edit' button and select 'Delete'

  6. 'Delete' once more

Your project will now be deleted and is not recoverable.

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