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Editing the project contact
Editing the project contact
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Edit the project contact

  • Edit a contact to change the personnel list for a company contact or change their role in the project team by:

  1. Select the row action button for the project contact.

  2. Choose the 'edit' option in the list, and update the following details: Contact change - click the 'X' next to the company or individual name. This removes the current contact chosen, which allows you to use the drop down again to select a different company name. Personnel change - click the 'X' next to the personnel name. The personnel drop down is available again, to allow you to select a different staff member that works at the company or individual contact. Role - The role can be updated by choosing another from the drop down list. Only one role can be chosen for each project contact. Primary contact - Check the box if this contact is the primary contact person at the client. Invoice contact - Check the box if project invoices should be sent to this person. Care of (c/o) contact - Check the box if project invoices should be sent to the address against this contact. Portal access - Select which level of access the contact should have to the project portal: Full, restricted, or none. Restricted access allows an external contact to be able to use the project portal to chat with staff only, no external contact details are shown. Full access to the portal allows both internal and external contact details to be shown in the portal.

  3. Save.

Tip: The project audit tracks each time a project contact is added, edited or deleted.

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