Add a project contact
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You can add contacts to a project to build the project team. This is a list of all external parties which can be companies, individuals, or personnel.
The role is used to show how that contact is working on the project, to give your team a prompt for what type of queries to contact them about.

Add a project contact by:

  1. Go to: Project > Project contacts tab.

  2. Click the 'add' button in the top right.

  3. Click into the 'contact' field and either:

    1. Type part of the name to shorten the results shown, then select the existing contact to add.

    2. Create a new contact by pressing the 'Ctrl A' keys (or clicking that green text) whilst the contact drop down is open.

  4. For company type contacts select the personnel to call at the company from the 'personnel' drop down list. For individual type contacts selected in step 3, the matching name is automatically added into the personnel box.

  5. Select the role (category) that the contact will perform on the project. e.g. Builder, Landscape Architect, Engineer, Painter etc.

  6. (Optional) Check the box 'invoice contact' if they should be sent invoices for the project.

  7. (Optional) Check the box 'primary' if they are the main person to make decisions about the project.

  8. (Optional) Check the box 'care of' if invoices should be sent to the address of this contact.

  9. (Optional) Select a 'portal access' option if you want to allow this contact to chat with the team in the project portal, or to have access to download shared project documents. Choose from the portal access options of full, restricted, and none.

    โ€‹Tip: Contacts with restricted portal access are able to only chat with staff, they cannot view any of the other external contacts in the portal.

  10. Save.

  11. Repeat for each contact required to be part of the project team.


  • The default personnel record 'The Manager' is shown for any company contacts when no personnel records have been created yet.

  • Update the project contact rows later to add the personnel that work for that company, once you have the details like phone, address, email.

  • Create a new contact by using the Ctrl A keyboard shortcut.

  • Internal staff can be added to the project contacts tab to build a list of people working on the project team.

  • Add custom roles in Settings > Contact Lists > Roles to describe the types of contact roles at your organization. Different roles can be setup for both staff records and contact records.

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