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How do I add a milestone?
How do I add a milestone?

How to add a milestone in the Schedule

Updated over a week ago

You can add a milestone from the Schedule page within your project (Project > Plan > Schedule). Adding a milestone follows the same flow as adding a task. You cannot rename the milestone from the Schedule page. If you need to rename it, do this from the work breakdown.

  1. Expand the stage under which you want to add a milestone.

  2. Hover over the stage name and click on the icon to add the milestone. The new field defaults to a task.

  3. Click on the icon to change it to the milestone icon. Hover over the icon to see a tooltip.

  4. Type the name of the milestone in the field and click out of the field to save it. If you press enter, it will add a new task below the current line.

  5. Any changes you make will not be saved if you leave the milestone field blank and click out.


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