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Simple work breakdown
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What is the simple work breakdown?

Create a simple project when you want to invoice a fixed value to the client for one section of work. A simplified work breakdown is created, which allows you to add a list of tasks that need to be completed for the project.

Assign each of the project tasks to the staff member that need to complete the work. When tasks are assigned to staff they will show in their 'my tasks' panel on the dashboard to prompt the user to complete the work. Each task can be assigned to multiple staff, if required when more than one person will be completing the works.

Set the due date on the task to let the staff member know the target date for completing this part of the project works. Once the staff member has completed the task, they can update the progress bar against the task to let the team know their current progress status.

Tip: If you need to add phases and stages to the project, then use the Full work breakdown structure.

Why use the simple work breakdown?

Simple projects allow you to invoice the client a fixed fee value, and easily plan the tasks required to be completed for the project.

Learn more about who can use the simple work breakdown.

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