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Manager and user views
Updated over a week ago

The simple work breakdown view has different actions available based on your staff access level.

User access level staff are able to view:

  • The tasks for the project, and their completion percentage.

  • Update the completed percentage for any tasks that are assigned to you.

  • View only for details such as project status, assign to staff members, and due dates.

  • Start a timer to track how much time you spend on each of the tasks.

  • Type a comment to update the project team on your progress on the task.

Assistant project manager access level and above are able to do all the user actions listed above, plus these items:

  • Add extra tasks to the work breakdown.

  • Edit the existing tasks in the work breakdown.

  • View the fee details for the project.

  • Assign staff to the tasks they need to complete.

  • Update the project status.

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