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Updating task progress

How do I update task progress?

Updated over a week ago

A progress bar is shown for each task in the work breakdown, in which staff can apply the current progress on the task to let the team know the status.


Details about the task progress:

  • Task progress can be set again the whole task, or the individual staff member assigned to the task.

  • The task progress bar colour can be updated by selecting the circle on the right and selecting an alternate colour from the list.

  • The progress bar has 10 sections, with each part representing 10% of the task being completed.

  • User-level staff can only update the progress of the tasks they have been 'assigned to'.

Assistant project manager level staff (or higher) can update the task progress for any of the items in the work breakdown.

Apply the task level progress by:

  1. Locate the task in the list.

  2. Click the progress bar at the point that shows the percentage complete.

  3. The task colour line will extend to that point in the progress bar to show how much of the work has been completed.

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