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Editing a task

How do I edit a task?

Updated over a week ago

Tasks in Synergy can be edited from the Work Breakdown. Follow the steps below to edit a task:

  1. Navigate to the Work Breakdown (Project > Plan > Work Breakdown)

  2. Select the teal Edit button above the search bar

  3. Hover over the task you wish to edit and select the pencil icon, and select View Details.

  4. Update the task details as required and click the Save button to apply the changes.

Below is an overview of what some of the task fields are used for in Synergy:

  • Task progress - Task progress is located underneath the task name as a bar with 10 segments. Each segment represents 10% of progress made towards task completion. If, for example, the 7th segment is selected, 7/10 segments will be highlighted to show 70% task completion, see example below:

  • Task colour - The task colour can be used to group or categorise tasks.

  • Due date - The due date is a deadline by which the task must be completed.


  • Switch to the 'full work breakdown view' to add phases, stages, and tasks. Learn more about the full work breakdown.

  • Phase level grouping is only shown in the Synergy Business and Enterprise products

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