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This article explains updating the progress on a stage or task

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Edition: Professional, Business and Enterprise.

User-level: Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director, Assistant

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In Synergy you can manually mark progress of project tasks and projects. Updating the progress of tasks and stages lets the rest of the team know how much of the job has been completed. If you invoice out at the progress completed this is a helpful tool. You can also use this to compare against the progress completed and how much of the budget was spent to measure performance and efficiency.

You can update the stage progress bar in the work breakdown down:

  • manually drag the bar across how much % the stage has been completed.

  • Consider updating the stage level status if all the work has been completed. Learn more about project status options.

You can update tasks bars in the work-breakdown as well:

  • Click on the bar at the % the task has been completed. The bar is divided into 10 parts. The bar will highlight each part clicked.

  • Project managers can determine the progress of the entire task by looking at what progress staff have marked against their tasks.

Staff members can update their task progress in the work-break down or on their dashboard:

Synergy Dashboard

  • Staff can manage all of their assigned task's progress on their dashboard.

Details about stage and task progress:

  • The stage progress can be set by staff with assistant project manager access (or higher).

  • Apply a color to the stage in the work breakdown edit view, and that color is automatically applied to each task linked.

  • Task progress can be set again the whole task, or the individual staff member assigned to the task.

  • The task progress bar color can be updated by selecting the circle on the right in the work breakdown editor view and selecting an alternate color from the list.

  • User-level staff can only update the progress of the tasks they have been 'assigned to'.

  • Assistant project manager level staff (or higher) can update the task progress for any of the items in the work breakdown.

  • Phases do not have progress bars or color options available.

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Did this answer your question?