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Complete and Unsuccessful Status Options and Transaction Write-offs
Complete and Unsuccessful Status Options and Transaction Write-offs

How to change the status of a project or stage to Complete or Unsuccessful, and how to write-off or restore transactions

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When changing any project or stage to a status of Complete or Unsuccessful, a confirmation message is shown that will advise the value of the transactions to be written off by this status change. This is to prompt the user to be sure that they want to proceed with this change, and have the opportunity to check they want to stop these transactions from being invoiced.

Tip: Timesheets at 'pending approval' status are automatically written off when the stage is changed to complete or unsuccessful status. A warning message is shown prior to this occurring.

Follow these steps to mark a stage as complete:

  1. Open the project, navigate to the 'Details' page and select 'Edit'

  2. Select the 'Edit' button next to the 'Status' field

  3. Select the stage(s) that you want to update in the list

  4. Choose the status 'Complete'

  5. The WIP value column is there to let you check if any WIP transactions will be written off by this action

  6. If transactions are to be written off then: Select the 'write off reason code' from the list. Type a write-off note

  7. Save & Close

Restore transactions

If transactions have been written off during the change of status, the transactions will not be restored automatically if you set the status back to Proposal or Active. The transactions will need to be manually restored using the 'undo WIP write-off' feature.

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