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Project Permissions (by team)
Project Permissions (by team)
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Edition: Enterprise

User-level: Director and above

Previous steps: Team set up

Enable project permissions by assigning a specific Team, so only that Team can access the Project, including financials, resourcing, and reporting

Enabling Project Permissions in your organisation

The first step to enabling project permissions is turning on this feature from the configuration page.

  1. Navigate to Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Configuration.

  2. At the bottom of the page, check the box to enable project permissions.

Assigning a team to a project

Now you've enabled project permissions for your organisation, a new option appears in the project details screen:

Edit this field to assign the project to a team. All users in that team will be able to interact with the project as normal (based on their user level), but those outside of the team will not be able to see or interact with the project at all.

Security Matrix permissions

By default, Director and above access levels bypass this feature (and, regardless of teams assigned, can view all projects). Use the security matrix to change this:

By selecting to 'bypass' for a user level, normal project permissions rules are overwritten, and this user level can see all project details as normal.

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