Stage Management (Beta)
Updated over a week ago

Got a complex project with large volumes of stages and phases? Introducing Stage Management – a new Synergy feature, designed with a focus on performance and a lightweight UI, you’ll be able to load your complex projects in seconds.

Stage management is currently in BETA, which means you may experience limited functionality until future releases. We’ve enabled this feature for all our Business and Enterprise customers so you can try out some of the foundational features we’ve built. To navigate to the Stage management feature – simply select a project and navigate to ‘Plan’ and look under ‘Work breakdown’.

What’s the difference between Stage Management and Work breakdown?

Work breakdown remains the core feature to create, edit and modify Phases, Stages and Tasks to plan your projects. Stage Management was created as a complimentary feature that is focused on managing Stages once the project is in delivery mode.

Where to next?

We’re working hard on adding a few more features to Stage Management for future releases. The following features are slowly coming your way:

  • Create stages

  • Edit stage statuses

  • Duplicate stages

  • View stage financial data

If you have complex projects and need to manage your stages faster – definitely watch this space!

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