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Adding a template to an existing project
Adding a template to an existing project
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  1. Open the Project > work breakdown tab.

  2. If the project is a simple project, then click the 'add work breakdown' button to convert to using a full work breakdown structure.

  3. Select the page actions button and choose the 'apply template' option.

  4. A list of work breakdown templates are shown. Select the template from the list that you want to apply to this project.

  5. The page refreshes to show the updated work breakdown structure.

  6. Use the work breakdown editor to then update The names of the phases, stages or tasks. Update the fee type and enter an agreed fee for each stage. (Optional) The stage managers. (Optional) Add a scope of work for each stage. (Optional) Add due dates for tasks. (Optional) Assign staff to complete each of the tasks.

  7. Save.


  • Phases are only available to add in the Synergy Business and Enterprise products.

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