Deleting a stage
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To delete a stage:

  1. From your Project Drop-down select Plan>Work Breakdown.

2. From the Work Breakdown page, select , then select the on the far right of the stages line.


3. This will now reflect that the stage has been deleted:


4. Select 'Save' that's it!


If you're having trouble deleting the stage, a few things to make sure would be:

  • The Stage is in Proposal status.

  • The Stage has not been used in a draft or finalised invoice.

  • There are no WIP transactions against the Stage.

  • There is no budget set for a Task under the Stage.

If you do have WIP against a stage, you can transfer this to a different stage.

If you need to change the Project status, you can do this from the Project details screen or the Work breakdown.

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