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Updating the stage status
Updating the stage status

How to change the status of a stage

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When a project is changed to 'Active' status you can nominate which stages are also be changed to this status.


The project was won but you only won part of the work that was originally quoted. Some of the stages quoted were lost and that work will not be proceeding.

Update the stages to be shown as won or lost by using the status options:

  1. Open the project.

  2. Select the status button in the project read-only view.

  3. Check the box for the 'project level' status, and choose the 'Active' status option.

  4. Check the box for each stage or phase group that was won. These phases or stages will also be changed to 'Active' status.

  5. Save.

  6. Check the box for each 'stage or phase group' that was lost.

  7. Select the status 'Unsuccessful'.

  8. Save and close.


  • Click the 'save' button and the selected stages are cleared, and chosen status is applied. Then select more stages and update the status for more items. Select 'save and close' when finished changes to all projects, phases, and stages.

  • A warning message is shown if you try to change the stage level status whilst the project level status is still at 'proposal' status. The phases and stages cannot have a new status applied until the 'project ' level status has been changed to 'active' status or higher. To resolve this first change the project status, then change the stage status.

  • Active status options all have a likelihood percentage of 100%, as the job has been won. The likelihood is used in the project forecast reports. Update these percentage values for proposal status options in Settings > Project Lists > Status.

  • Simple work breakdown projects only have a project status to update.

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