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Assigning WIP to a pre-bill
Assigning WIP to a pre-bill
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On the pre-bill page (Project menu > Financials > Pre-bill), you will see all the pre-bill amounts for stages in your project. See: How do I generate a pre-bill?

Use this page to assign the WIP transactions to this pre-bill amount.

When you click on a stage, you are presented with a dialog with up to three different options.

  • Select all WIP

If you choose this, you will look at all your WIP for this stage.

  • Select date range

By default, the date range is the earliest and last WIP transactions. Choose this method if you want to select a specific date range for your WIP eg. the last 15 days or from the last month.

  • Use an approximate amount of WIP to pre-bill

This method is only shown if you have more WIP than your pre-bill. Choose this method if you want to close the pre-bill. Use as close to the WIP to equal the pre-bill

Once you have chosen 1, 2, or 3 from above, you will be presented with different options to either markup, markdown, or use the exact amount.

Example 1: Use the 'approximate' method

If you have a pre-bill of $1000 and WIP worth $1400, Synergy will look at your transactions in date order to get as close to $1000 as possible.



Transaction #1


Transaction #2


Transaction #3


Transaction #4


Transaction #5


In this example, you will have two options:

Option 1: Markup $500 (Transactions #1 + #2) to $1000 and close the pre-bill

Option 2: Markdown $1100 (Transactions #1 + #2 + #3 ) to $1000 and close the pre-bill

Example 2: date range WIP

You just want to attach your September transactions to the pre-bill.

  • Your pre-bill = $1000

  • Your WIP = $1400.

  • September = $800

  • October = $600.

In this case, Synergy will give you two options:

Option 1: Markup $800 to $1000 and close the pre-bill.

Option 2: Use exactly $800 and leave the pre-bill with a balance of $200. You can choose to close this balance at a later date.

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