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Adding staff to the project team
Adding staff to the project team
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Add staff members to the project team

Include staff members in the project team to have their details shown in the project portal to the external contacts. Add staff to the project contacts tab by:

  1. Click the arrow on the 'add' button in the top right corner and select 'Add staff'.

  2. Click into the 'staff' field and type part of the staff name you want to add. Select the person to be added from the list.

  3. Select a role from the drop down list, to describe the main tasks that the staff member will perform on the project.

  4. (Optional) If the project is non-billable you can select a staff member to be the 'primary contact' by selecting the 'is primary' checkbox.

  5. Save.

  6. Repeat for each Synergy staff member that is part of the project team.

Tip: Add custom roles in Settings > Contact Lists > Roles to describe the types of staff roles at your organization. Different roles can be setup for both staff records and contact records.

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