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Project details tab overview
Project details tab overview

Everything you can see in the project details tab

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When an existing project is opened the project details tab is shown to give the user a read-only summary of the project. Click the edit button to change any of the project's general information, or navigate to one of the other tabs or pages in the project.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?


Assistant project manager*

Project manager

Director access

Assistant administrator

System administrator

*Can view projects only.

Project Manager level or higher required to add new projects.

Projects > Add

Projects > Edit

What is the project details tab?

The project details tab displays a read-only project summary with general project information displayed like project title, site address, internal project manager, project status (proposal vs active confirmed work), and a project description as a scope of work. Click the edit button to update the project details, or use this as a launch page to navigate to the other project tabs.

Tip: Use the extras panel to see which staff member created the project or last updated the project.

Why use the project details tab?

Summary of the project that can be viewed by all staff. View and update the project details that can be shown on Synergy documents and reports.

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