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Viewing and Copying Site address from contact
Viewing and Copying Site address from contact

How to view addresses in project pages and copy the site addresses of project contacts

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To view the site address on a map, open the entered site address in Google Maps by either:

  • Opening the project to the read-only page and selecting the map button next to the address.

  • Open the project in edit mode, then select the map button next to the site address heading. Copy site address from contact

You can populate the project site address fields using one of the addresses entered on a project contact.

The site address field lets you copy the address from the primary contact selected when creating the project, or from one of the many project contacts later when editing the project details.

Update the project site address by:

  1. Open the project.

  2. Select the Edit button in the top right corner.

  3. In the site address box, select the Copy from contact button.

  4. Select an address required from the list shown. The list has the contact name, followed by each address stored against that contact.

  5. Save.

Tip: If the address is not saved against the contact, you can also type the required address into these fields.

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