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Selecting the main contacts in the project
Selecting the main contacts in the project
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Each project contact row allows three options to be configured. Select the Edit button against a single contact record to find the options to set as the:

  1. Primary contact - Who is the main person to call about the project. This is normally the client, the person that bought you this sales proposal and can make decisions on the project. There must be one primary contact on every project.

  2. Invoice contact - The main person that project invoices should be sent to. There should be one invoice contact setup on each project. By default, the 'primary contact' is selecting as the invoice contact. Change this to another contact or personnel is required. New invoices created will default to use this contact record when only one invoice contact is chosen.
    In cases of joint venture projects, you can mark several contacts marked as an invoice contact, if multiple people are invoiced for the same project invoice (invoice value split 50 % to contact A, and 50% to contact B).

  3. Care of (c/o) contact - Optional to allow you to choose if an invoice should be emailed or posted to a third party. Use the c/o contact option to have the c/o address appear automatically when creating the invoice for this project. Multiple c/o addresses can be set if required.

Tip: Internal staff cannot have any of the above options applied. Staff are added to build the project team. Staff cannot be sent to project invoices.

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