How do I use C/O?

How to use Care/of (C/O) in invoice templates

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager and above

Adding a Care/of (c/o) into your invoices in Synergy can be tricky, but if you follow these simple steps you'll be able to include up to five contacts on each invoice you create including a care/of. Although you can mark a project contact is a c/o in Synergy, there is no data point available for it to be added into an invoice or any available bookmarks in Document templates.

To achieve the care of function you need to set up the way you are invoicing a little differently:

  • The 'attention to' field in the invoice will become your care of bookmark.

  • When you mark a project contact as a care of it will appear in the 'attention to' field in the invoice and you can select their name in the drop down.

  • You can have two or three full contacts in the invoice if you utilise the Primary contact and invoice contact bookmarks.

How many people can I have on the template?

You will need the following bookmarks to see three people on your invoice document: Company, personnel and C/O.

  • Invoice Company

  • Invoice Personnel

  • Attention to

You will need the following bookmarks to see up to five people on your invoice document: Primary Company and personnel, Invoice Company and personnel, and C/O.

  • Primary Contact

  • Primary Personnel

  • Invoice Company

  • Invoice Personnel

  • Attention to

Setting up the project contacts

To set up the Project contacts go to the Project menu > Details > Contacts.

When setting up the project contacts you can set them up as you normally would for the Invoice and Primary contacts. The Primary and Invoice contacts will need to have the correct personnel attached that you are wanting to see on the invoice. As there is no spot to select this in the invoice itself apart from the main invoice contact, the data will be pulled straight from the Project contacts page.

You will need to mark the nominated C/O contact as a C/O in the project contacts. This will allow it to appear as an option in the Attention to field on the invoice.

To nominate the contact click on the pencil icon on the far right of the contact and select 'Set care of (c/o)'

Once nominated it should be flagged as pictured below:

Setting up the invoice

When setting up your invoice template you will need to add all of the bookmarks for the individuals you are wanting to see.

The bookmarks and data points are as follows:

  • Primary contact - selected primary contact company

  • Primary personnel - selected primary contact personnel

  • Invoice contact - selected invoice contact company

  • Invoice personnel - selected invoice contact personnel

  • Attention to - selected c/o contact personnel

Through the above steps you will be able to include up to two companies and three personnel on your invoices.

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