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Using accounting add-ons with contacts
Using accounting add-ons with contacts
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When setting up Synergy use this feature to import contact records from your accounting system using Accounting add-ons. The import process allows you to import all records to Synergy, or just selected contact items.

Accounting add-ons support the import of contacts from Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live, and QuickBooks Online.

Learn more about using Accounting add-ons to import contacts:

Click the row action button and select to open the contact record directly to the tab:

  1. Details - a read-only view for the general contact details.

  2. Edit - an updated view for the general contact details.

  3. Personnel - maintain a list of the staff who work at a company contact.

  4. Projects - the projects where this contact is listed on the project contacts tab as part of the team.

  5. Invoices - all invoices where the contact is listed in the address to, c/o, or attention to fields.

  6. Bills - all expenses (bills) where the contact is listed as having provided the goods or services for the expense.

  7. Documents - view any saved emails, documents, images, statements for each contact.

  8. Notes - add notes to track details told to the client during meetings, phone calls, debt collection etc.

  9. Audit - track what changes have been made to a contact record, by who, and when the change was made.


  • The same tabs are available in all three contact types - company, individual and personnel.

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