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Filter and search for contacts
Filter and search for contacts
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Filtering the contacts page:

Filter the list by selecting the search button. The filter options are:

  • Type - limit the list to show all 'company/individual' types or all 'personnel' type records. The default option applied is 'all' which displays all three types.

  • Roles - limit the list to show only contacts with a certain role set. e.g. view all the contacts with roles like supplier, builder, or consultant.

  • Tags - search all the contacts to find records that have a specific tag attached. Type one or multiple tags into this box to search for in all the contact records. Tags are custom text that can be entered on contact like extra data. Standard tags are automatically added if the contact was imported from your accounting packages like MYOB, Xero, and QuickBooks.

  • Active - By default only active contacts are shown, which are contacts that can still be found in drop-down lists and added to projects or invoices. Use the drop-down to switch to seeing 'inactive' contacts which are the records that have been used on projects or invoices previously, but are no longer available for use in Synergy.

Tip: Return to the default view by choosing the clear button in the search bar.

Search for a contact:

When a large number of items exist to use the search or filter options to limit the number of rows shown in the list.

Search by clicking the search button and typing the keyword into the search box. To return to see all items in the list click the clear button in the search bar.

Tip: Learn more about searching with the list search or the global search.

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