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List views, search and filter options
List views, search and filter options
Updated over a week ago

Contact list has several different ways that you can find the details you need. Try out the list views, searching, and filters.

  1. List Views - Change the columns that are shown in the list by using the list views. Try out the address, phone, or tags and role views to view more details about the contacts.

  2. Search - Click the search button to open the search and filter panel. Type a keyword into the search box and press the enter key to run the contact search.

  3. Filters - Use one or many filters to limit the number of contacts shown. Try filtering by tags, roles, contact type, or use the letter controls to jump to that section of contact list.

  4. Sorting - Click on a column heading to sort the list content, like click on the name column to sort the contacts in ascending or descending order.

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