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Searching and filtering options for documents
Searching and filtering options for documents
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Use the search or filter options to limit the number of documents shown.

Click the search button and type a keyword into the search box. To return to seeing all items by clicking the clear button.

Tip: Learn more about searching with the global search.


Filter the list by selecting the search button. Select a filter, or type the required filter text and click the 'search' button to apply the filter. The filter options are:

  • Tags - Search for documents or files that have tags applied. Tags are a way to add extra search information to any file. Type the tag name then click the 'enter' key or type a comma (,) separate and end the first tag and to start typing the next tag. Multiple tags can be searched for together, and the results are shown with an OR rule. Meaning it looks for all items that have 'tag 1' applied or 'tag 2' applied, and both tag 1 and tag 2 results are shown in the list.

  • File type - Select a file extension from the list to see all the matching files of that type. e.g. See all the files that are.PDF type.

  • Start and end date - Click the 'advanced search' to find this option. The modified date of the document is searched. This is the date that the file uploaded to Synergy, or a new file version was created. Use this filter to find all the files you updated this month or last month etc.

  • Comments - Click the 'advanced search' to find this option. Comments can be added to image files in the project portal, and in the project images tab. Use this filter to view only the files that have comments entered. This allows the project manager to reply to any comments added by the team.

Tip: Return to the default view by choosing the clear button in the search bar.

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