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Billable and Non-Billable projects
Billable and Non-Billable projects

The difference between billable and non-billable projects in Synergy

Updated over a week ago

Two types of projects are available in Synergy; billable and non-billable projects.

The main difference between the two types of projects is that billable projects allow invoicing to external contacts to the organization, and non-billable projects do not allow any invoicing to be completed.

Both types of projects include the standard Synergy features including:

  • Project contacts

  • Project portal feeds

  • Transaction reporting

  • Documents and image gallery

  • Work breakdown with phases, stages, and tasks

Non-billable projects were added to Synergy to let you track time spent on internal projects or internal tasks, without impacting any of the revenue reporting for the billable projects.

In the project list, you can locate non-billable projects by looking for the row with the blue tower symbol shown like this:

On the project details tab, you can also see the non-billable image in the left panel:

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