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Non-billable projects overview
Non-billable projects overview
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Create a plan for internal projects and tasks using a non-billable project. This will create a cut-down version of a project aimed at planning tasks, and tracking time spent on tasks. Invoicing is not available for a non-billable project.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?


Assistant Project Manager*

Project Manager

Director Access

System Administrator

*Can view projects only.

Project Manager level or higher required to add new projects.

Projects > Add

What are non-billable projects?

Used to track time spent on internal projects and tasks. Non-billable projects do not have any of the invoicing functionality available in billable projects. The project work is normally completed on internal tasks, that cannot be charged to any client. Any features for project invoicing or setting stage-level agreed fees are not shown for non-billable projects.

Why use non-billable projects?

Plan tasks required for internal projects, and track the time staff spend on the non-billable project tasks.

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