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Project Search Filter Options
Project Search Filter Options

The names and purposes of each filter available when searching for projects

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Filter the list by selecting the search button. The filter options are:

  • Tags - type part of a tag name into this field, and a list of similar tags will be shown. Select a tag from the list, and click search to apply a filter to see all the projects with that tag applied.

  • Manager - select a project manager from the list to only see projects that they manage.

  • Project status types - select a project status from the list, to limit the list to only show projects at that status. The default filter applied here is 'proposal and active' which shows all the projects at any proposal or active status (including all the custom status options).

  • Billable - choose if you are viewing billable projects with fees, or non-billable projects for internal office tasks.

  • Archive

  • Custom field

Tip: Return to the default view by choosing the clear button in the search bar.

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