Win/loss report
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The Win/loss report will show projects won, lost and proposed over the last 12 months.


You can filter the view to show the number of projects or the total project fees.

  1. A won project is when the current status type is NOT proposal or unsuccessful. AND the status has been changed from proposal to active AND projects created with active status

  2. A lost project is when the current status IS Unsuccessful AND the status has been changed to unsuccessful.

  3. A proposed project is any project created with a proposal status.

Who can access the win/loss report?

  • Assistant administrators, directors and system administrators can choose between seeing a graph based on all projects or 'My projects'. If they choose 'My projects', the list will filter down to projects that they are the manager for (not applicable for assistant administrators).

  • Project managers will only ever see 'My projects'.

  • Assistant project managers and users will not see the Win/loss report.

Can I report on win/loss?

We've added in 6 new standard reports to help you keep track of what status your projects are at, you can find these by searching for 'status' in the reports list.


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