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Details about the Win/Loss dashboard widget

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager, Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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What does the Win/Loss dashboard report show?

The Win/Loss widget shows you the projects that have been won, lost, and proposed over the last 12 months.

How is Win/Loss report calculated?

The data this widget shows is calculated the same way that the reports 'Project - List by Status - Lost', 'Project - List by Status - Proposed', and 'Project - List by Status - Won' are.

Win: A project is considered Won if it's status has changed from Proposal to Active, and is currently NOT proposal or unsuccessful.

Loss: A project is considered Lost if it's status has changed to Unsuccessful, and is currently unsuccessful.

Proposed: A project is considered Proposed if it is currently in a Proposal status and it has not changed since it's creation.

Value: The value of the project is based on the fees set for the project.

The date the project has changed status will determine which month is shows up in.

Actions available

You have the options to view the information for All projects, or just projects that you are manager on.

Note that directors and administrators will be able to see all projects, while project managers will only be able to see their own projects.

You can also adjust whether the view shows a number of projects, or the total project fees.


Hovering your cursor over the points in the graph will show you the figures represented by that graph point:

How often is the panel updated?

The Win/Loss report on the dashboard is updated hourly.

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