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Dashboard reports - Budget vs Actual

Details on the Budget vs Actual dashboard widget

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager, Director, Assistant Administrator, System Administrator

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What does the Budget vs Actual dashboard report show?

The budget vs actuals widget will show you the budgeted amount and the actual entered amounts for all projects in the last three months. A project will only show up here if it is currently set to Completed, and has an end date in the last three months (based on today's date).

How is Budget vs Actual report calculated?

The Budget vs Actual dashboard report is calculated the same way as the Budget vs Actuals report and the individual project views.

Budget: This is the total budget value.

Actuals: This is the total transaction value.

Internal: Only the values for internal rates (staff rates, timesheets).

External: Only the values for external rates (subcontractor and supplier).

Expenses: Only the values for expenses (cash, travel, and office).

Last 3 months: Based on the end date of the project. If the end date is within 3 months of today's date, then the project will be included in the figures.

Actions available

You have the option to select either All projects or just My projects, which will show you just projects you're listed as the project manager.

If you hover your cursor over a bar in the graph you will see the figure that is represented:

The graph itself is also broken up into the rate categories along the x axis.

How often is the panel updated?

The Budget vs Actual report on the dashboard is updated hourly.

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