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Dashboard reports - Hours by projectDetails of the Hours by Project dashboard widget
Dashboard reports - Staff membersDetails on the Staff Members dashboard widget
Dashboard reports - NotesDetails on the Notes dashboard widget
Dashboard reports - Win/LossDetails about the Win/Loss dashboard widget
Dashboard reports - Budget vs ActualDetails on the Budget vs Actual dashboard widget
Dashboard reports - monthly invoice totalsEverything you need to know about the monthly invoice totals dashboard report
Dashboard reports - Recent chatsEverything you need to know about the recent chats dashboard report
Understanding Business Intelligence in Synergy
Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy
Dashboard Reports - Project ProfitsEverything you need to know about the project profit dashboard report
Synergy analytics - Business dashboardSynergy analytics - Business dashboard
Dashboard reports - UtilisationEverything you need to know about the utilisation dashboard report
Tasks, to-do's and recent projectsExplaining the tasks, to-do's and recent projects dashboard widgets.
Dashboard Reports - Transaction MarkupEverything you need to know about the transaction mark up dashboard report
Dashboard Reports - Aged DebtorsEverything you need to know about the Aged Debtors dashboard report
Dashboard Reports - Aged WIPEverything you need to know about Aged WIP
Dashboard Reports - Missing TimesheetsEverything you need to know about the missing timesheets dashboard report
Synergy Analytics overviewSynergy Analytics dashboards
Synergy dashboard overviewSynergy dashboard overview
Synergy analytics - Projects dashboardSynergy analytics - Projects dashboard
Synergy analytics - People dashboardSynergy analytics - People dashboard
Synergy analytics - Finance dashboardSynergy analytics - Finance dashboard
Synergy analytics - Sales dashboardSynergy analytics - Sales dashboard
Dashboard Reports - Recent ContactsDetails on the Recent Contacts dashboard widget