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Everything you need to know about the utilisation dashboard report

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant Project Managers and above

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Use the utilisation dashboard report for a visual representation of how well you are performing against your utilisation target and to view the staff average utilisation.

What does the utilisation dashboard report show?

The utilisation dashboard report allows you to compare, at a glance, your actual utilisation with your target utilisation across the calendar year. It also shows you what the staff average utilisation is across the same period.

The Y axis: The Y axis shows the utilisation %

The X axis: The X axis shows the months by quarter of the current year (January, May, September).

Light blue graph: This shows the staff average utilisation % across the current year

Dark blue graph: This shows your actual utilisation % across the current year

Green dotted line: This shows your target utilisation % across the current year

How is the utilisation dashboard report calculated?

Your utilisation percentage is calculated as the number of utilised hours divided by the total number of hours entered:

(utilised hours / total hours) x 100

The staff average utilisation is calculated by summing the utilisation percentage of all active staff and dividing it by the number of active staff.

Actions available


Hover over any point on the utilisation graph to bring up the tooltip.

The tooltip shows whether you are looking at your own utilisation, the staff average utilisation or your target utilisation, the month and year and the exact percentage for that period.

How often does the transaction mark up report update?

The utilisation dashboard report updates periodically throughout the day.

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