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Dashboard Reports - Transaction Markup
Dashboard Reports - Transaction Markup

Everything you need to know about the transaction mark up dashboard report

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director, Assistant System Administrator, System Administrator

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Use the transaction markup dashboard report for a visual representation of how much transactions have been marked up.

What does the transaction markup report show?

The transaction markup allows you to compare, at a glance the total value invoiced for projects that year to the total charge value of those transactions. It allows you to view the value the transactions have been marked up.

The Y axis: The Y axis shows the monetary value increasing in 250k increments

The X axis: The X axis shows the previous year showing the months quarterly

Blue graph: This shows the revenue amount of all transactions invoiced that month

Red graph: This shows the chargeable amount of all transactions invoiced that month

How is the transaction markup report calculated?

Transaction revenue: The total ex tax amount of invoices that fall into that month, excluding draft and cancelled invoices.

Transaction charge: The total chargeable value of transactions that were included in the invoices for that month.

Actions available


Hover over any point on the transaction revenue or transaction charge graph to bring up the tooltip

The tooltip shows whether this is the transaction charge or revenue amount, the month and year and the total charge or revenue figure.

All project vs My projects

Use the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of the transaction markup panel to switch between the All projects view and My projects view.

All Projects: This show the transaction charge and revenue values for all projects in the organisation.

My projects: This shows the transaction charge and revenue values for all projects that you are the project manager of.

Directors and above will have the option to view the graph for all projects, or just their own projects. All other users will not have the filter options and will only see details for their own projects.

How often does the transaction markup report update?

The transaction markup dashboard report updates hourly

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