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Dashboard Reports - Aged Debtors

Everything you need to know about the Aged Debtors dashboard report

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

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Aged debtor dashboard report

Aged debtors panel allows you to view a breakdown of all unpaid invoices in Synergy, grouped by the aging periods that reflect the number of days the invoice payment is overdue.

How is the aged debtor report calculated?

The Aged debtor dashboard report shows the sum of all invoices within a specific aging period.

How to edit the aging periods and colours?

  1. Organisation menu > Settings > Organisation > Configuration

  2. Scroll down to 'Aged Debtors'

  3. Here you can update the aging periods, their corresponding colour and whether you use the 'invoice date' or 'due date' to define the aged debtors.

Calculated using: Choose invoice date or due days to define how the Aged WIP periods are calculated

Invoice date: The invoice will start aging from the date of creation. It will immediately be part of the aged debtor figure in the report.

Due date: The invoice will only start aging after the due date. Until it is past the invoice due date it will not be part of the aged debtor figure in the report.

Days: Type an alternate number of days into the field to be used as the aging period.

Colour: Click the colour square to select an alternate colour from the dropdown menu.

Actions available


Hover over an aging period to view the Aged Debtors tooltip.

This shows the aging category, the value of the aged debtors within this category and the percentage that the debtors within this category make up on the total aged debtors.

All projects vs My projects

Use the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of the Aged Debtor report to switch between the All projects view and My projects view

All Projects: This show the aged debtors for all projects in the organisation

My projects: This shows the WIP for all projects that you are the project manager of

How often is the aged debtors report updated?

The aged debtors dashboard report is updated hourly.

View your unpaid invoices at a glance from the dashboard.

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