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Everything you need to know about Aged WIP

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Assistant project manager and above

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Use the Aged WIP panel on the dashboard to view how much chargeable work has not yet been invoiced to your clients.

What does the Aged WIP dashboard report show?

The Aged WIP panel shows all transactions in Synergy with the status 'WIP' grouped into aging categories. It helps you to envision, at a glance the value of chargeable work for each aged period that could potentially be overdue for invoicing.

WIP - This is work that has been completed to date but not yet invoiced to your client.

Aging periods - These are a set of pre-defined periods of a number of days, for example 0-30 shows the previous 30 days

How is Aged WIP report calculated?

The Aged WIP report shows the sum of all transactions with WIP status within the defined aging period.

Actions available


Hover over an aging period to view the Aged WIP tooltip.

This shows:

The aging category, the value of the WIP within this aging category and the percentage that this WIP is of the WIP total in the centre of the AGED WIP panel

All projects vs My projects

Use the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of the Aged WIP panel to switch between the All projects view and My projects view

All Projects: This show the WIP for all projects in the organisation

My projects: This shows the WIP for all projects that you are the project manager of

How to customise aging periods and colours

1.Organisation menu > Settings > Organisation > Configuration

2.Scroll down to 'Aged WIP'

3.Here you can update the aging periods and its corresponding colour.

Days - Type an alternate number of days into the field to be used as the aging period.

Colour - Click the colour square to select an alternate colour from the dropdown menu.

Any changes will be reflected on the Aged WIP panel on the dashboard.

How often is the panel updated?

The Aged WIP report on the dashboard is updated hourly.

Use the Aged WIP dashboard panel to view WIP that may need invoicing.

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