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Details of the Hours by Project dashboard widget

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What does the Hours by Project dashboard report show?

The Hours by project dashboard widget will show you the total hours you have entered against each project, arranged in a pie chart for quick visualisation at a glance.

How is Hours by Project report calculated?

The hours used in the report are calculated by taking the amount of units on all timesheet entry transactions for each project and summing them up.

Actions available:

Filter Options:

  • My Hours - this option will show you the hours you have personally entered into projects

  • My Staff - this option will show you the hours of any direct reports you have. If you have no staff that report to you in Synergy, then this will show as blank. This option does not include your hours, only those of your direct reports.

  • Time range - You can choose from this week, this month, or this year.


You can drill down further in on the pie chart by clicking on a section in the graph. When you hover your cursor over a section, it will give you the amount of hours, as well as what those hours are as a percentage of the total for the selected period

How often is the panel updated?

The Hours by Project report on the dashboard is updated hourly.

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