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Understanding Business Intelligence in Synergy
Understanding Business Intelligence in Synergy
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Analytics and Synergy Analytics Plus

Business Intelligence or BI is the way an organisation harnesses their data to uncover insights that they can act upon to drive business success. Synergy offers you an easy way to enhance your BI, with a range of curated dashboards that connect your data from across your projects and business and presents it visually in graphics, charts, and tables for easy, centralised analysis.

Synergy’s BI tools allow you and your firm to benefit from a deeper understanding of your data, being able to easily and visually keep track of projects, your work in progress or WIP, or finance performance, and the utilisation of your staff. They allow you to uncover insights that you can turn into actions to drive your organisational efficiency and profitability.

Analytics Dashboards

A range of Analytics Dashboards are included as part of your subscription to Synergy and are available from the Dashboards screen. They offer a single page of graphical data to help you understand the way your business is performing across key operational functions, including Business, People, Projects, Sales, and Finance.

Learn more about Synergy’s Analytics Dashboards here.

Synergy Analytics Plus

Synergy Analytics Plus is a series of detailed analytical Dashboards and is available as an Add-On to your Synergy subscription.

Where Synergy’s standard Analytics Dashboards offer a single page of data, Synergy Analytics Plus takes your BI even further, with a range of additional dashboards focusing on specific areas within the same key operational functions of Business, People, Projects, Sales, and Finance.

Learn more about Synergy’s Analytics Plus Dashboards here.

Reading your Dashboards

Both your standard Analytics Dashboards and the Analytics Plus Dashboards available as an additional add-on present a range of visualised data in the form of graphics, charts, graphs and tables. You can learn more about how to read and interpret the data in our article – Reading your Analytics and Analytics Plus Dashboards in Synergy.

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