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Check-in a file from the contact documents tab
Check-in a file from the contact documents tab
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Use the check-in option after you have finished updating the document or file and have made all the required changes. Other Synergy users cannot update the file until you have checked-in of your new version of the document. This option is only shown for files that are currently checked-out. When you check-in a file it will lets you select the file to be uploaded as the new version.

  1. Go to: Documents tab.

  2. Switch to the 'checked out documents' view.

  3. Locate the file in the list that you want to check-in.

  4. Click the row action button > and select 'check-in'.

  5. Click the 'choose file' button and browse to the location where you have saved the new version of this document. The document that is to be imported can be saved with any file name.

  6. Highlight the file to import and click the 'Open' button on the 'Choose a file' window.

  7. Click the 'save' button.

  8. The list refreshes and the imported file is now the latest version of the document.

  9. The original document version can still be found in the document properties window.

  10. The edited and checked-in document will appear as the latest version of the file.

Tip: When a file has been checked-out accidentally, use the cancel check-out option to reverse the check-out and return to using the previous file version.

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